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Fortezza 59 founded in 2020 by the union of four young entrepreneurs who wanted to believe in a project of restoration and improvement of the park around the The Fortress Of Santa Barbara, returning to the city of Pistoia a place that has always been loved and lived.

Hospitality” and “Stay well” sono le nostre parole d’ordine. Fino a tarda sera accogliamo la clientela nella nostra struttura immersed in the green.

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Our Menu

Quality ingredients for tasty dishes

With passion we prepare typical dishes of the culinary tradition of tuscany carefully selecting our raw materials. The baked goods are all of our production.

The cuts of meat Fortezza 59

Tagli selezionati e cucinati secondo le ricette della tradizione toscana.

We have a wide selection of wines from all over Italy, carefully chosen for you to taste the flavours of our country.


Taglieri con varietà di affettati e formaggi, accompagnati da schiacciata di nostra produzione




Carne alla griglia

Tagli selezionati e cucinati secondo le ricette della tradizione toscana. La bontà della cucina toscana a disposizione del tuo palato.


Pizza and cofaccini

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Dolci di nostra produzione

Tutti da scoprire

Emotion and Taste

The Fortress Of Santa Barbara

It was built in 1331 by the Florentines where there is a chapel dedicated to St Barnabas, but the Pistoia, for revenge, the beat of a dozen years later.

Was Cosimo I de’ Medici to give the right of way, in 1539, to the reconstruction. The building still shows a square plan and bastions at the corners, while the medieval structure remained only the tower and part of the keep.

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Satisfied customers

Pier Luigi
"Very good welcome from the staff, good menu suggestions, which goes from the meat on the pizza. Beautiful location, finally the Piazza d'armi Park has a new life."

- Pier Luigi

"We have enjoyed a wide range of cocktails with live music in the background. Wide choice of wine and beer. We will definitely be back, even to try the restaurant."

- Valentina

"The beautiful room is open from breakfast until after dinner. Interesting the organization of events and tastings."

- Walter

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